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Pipelink can supply you with a complete range of pre-insulated steel pipes, single and twin pipes.

The products are supplied with a complete range of fittings including pre-insulated bends, branches, valves and a large range of joints.

All products are supplied in all insulation series.


Pipelink can offer you the maybe widest range of products of this business.

The range covers e.g pex, alupex, reinforced pex, copper flex, pre-insulated PE pipes, pre-insulated corrugated stainless steel pipes, in both single and twin pipes.

All products are supplied with a complete range of fittings.




Pipelink can provide you with a unique surveillance system.

The surveillance system exists in various versions – from the simple ON/OFF-system – to the system monitoring the district heating network and providing a server with current information on the status of the network.

The complete system also covers systems for tracing of faults.



Pipelink can offer a wide range of special products.

The products can e.g be systems for steam, products for the industrial sector, pre-insulating of customer pipes, special PE-solutions, insulated pipes for water and sewage, tracing pipes, special valve solutions etc.


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