• august 2, 2020

Now summer came back and it allows for a relaxing weekend.  The vacation period, however, did not limit the activity level, it still runs on a high level, so if you need help please contact me. We just produced CuSINUS…

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Alupex Twin

  • juli 20, 2020

Now we produced 50 mm Alupex twin pipes in 12 meter lenghts. The joints connected with press fittings reducing the assembly time remarkably compared to welding. The Alupex pipe system is of course supplied with the necessary fittings like branches…

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Have you become ”Pex scared”?

  • juni 20, 2020

Many years ago Alupex took over the position as the preferred branch pipe for the district heating plants and it might even be the right solution. Howver, the fact is that Pex is sold far more than Alupex, and I…

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PE pipes

  • juni 4, 2020

In the big range of products that Rosendal-Support offers, you will also find PE pipes for geothermal heat, where often dimension 40/75 is used from the collecting well and on to the heat pump. The pipes consist of a PE…

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Delivery of alupex pipes.

  • februar 18, 2020

Rosendal Support supplies another delivery of alupex pipes. The pipes are slightly corrugated which improves the flexibility, and at the same time has obtained a very good lambda-value of 0.0212 W/(m*K). The mechanical quality of the pipes including a strong…

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Rosendal-support offers alarm boxes.

  • februar 11, 2020

Rosendal Support just delivered its biggest order yet received for 50 pcs. alarm boxes. The order was obtained after our customer had different systems for testing – and ours was chosen... We are best in pricesWe have probably the most…

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